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VIDEO: Yancey County Resident Shares Her Powerful Story as a COVID-19 Long Hauler

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

SEARCH Board Member Ed Seel recently sat down with Yancey County native Marilyn Woodby and recorded a powerful video detailing her experience contracting COVID-19 just days before she was eligible to receive the vaccine. Marilyn's infection evolved into pneumonia and she was eventually diagnosed by her doctor as a "COVID-19 long hauler." Marilyn still suffers from lingering symptoms like coughing and weakness many months later. She was grateful to receive a vaccine when she was cleared by her doctor and believes vaccines are the way we will all "survive this pandemic."

Thank you to Marilyn Woodby for her time and story, to Ed Seel for creating the video, and to Conrad Leavitt for editing it.

Do you need a COVID-19 vaccine, booster, or test?

SEARCH has been working to keep a current list of COVID-19 vaccination and testing sites in Mitchell and Yancey Counties. With some of our partner organizations, we have turned this list into a flyer. You might see these flyers at local events, so feel free to pick one up!

List of Covid vaccine and testing availability in Mitchell County NC

list of Covid vaccine and testing availability in Yancey County NC



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