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Mar 10, 2022 - In the U.S. overall, COVID-19 cases have dropped off as dramatically as they rose during the Omicron variant surge.  Some states and counties continue to have high levels of transmission.  Check your county level here.


Jan 10, 2022 - The U.S. surged to an all-time high of over 1.35 million cases of COVID-19 reported in a single day. 


Dec 1, 2021 - Since the last post vaccinations for children in the 5-11 age group have become available.  Data about the vaccination rate of that age group can be seen here.


Over the Thanksgiving weekend we learned of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.  

Oct 25, 2021 - Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, SEARCH has worked to track data and numbers, keep our communities informed, and share helpful resources.  In addition, we have expressed and encouraged support for our local healthcare workers and staff. 


SEARCH has collaborated on a regular basis with other nonprofits, the health departments, hospital personnel, and many others with the goal of putting this pandemic behind us.  We will use these COVID-19 pages to consolidate and archive this effort.

For a deep dive into COVID-19 on a local, county level CDC's COVID data tracker pages are available.

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