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A June SEARCH Party with a Purpose - Photos from the Burnsville Town Center

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Photos by Jan Graham

The June 16 SEARCH Party at the Burnsville Town Center got under way as guests mingled and enjoyed refreshments.

Susan Larson, pictured here with Alex Glover, was the evening's Mistress of Ceremonies.

She shared that role alongside Bryant Reid.

Guests listened to introductions from Susan and Bryant, followed by SEARCH's team table hosts.

Risa Larsen hosted the Access to Care table with assistance from Alex Green (pictured at left) and Tom Kaluzynski.

Ed Seel served as the Bring Summer Back table host. In the wake of the pandemic, this committee has transitioned from a COVID focus to Adolescent Mental Health. Allison Edge provided support at the table.

Lisa Schultz hosted the Community Engagement Project table, with help from Karin Rolett, Victoria Hicks, and Katie Willett.

Bryant listened to Gilbert Powell while hosting the EMS and Healthcare Matters table along with Tonia Hale.

In addition to hosting the "What We Need to Know" table, Britt Kaufmann provided handcrafted vegetable centerpieces as party prizes and showcased a "volunteer" tomato plant to demonstrate SEARCH's spirit of volunteerism.

Guests visited the tables representing their main healthcare interests. Risa Larsen and Tom Kaluzynski discussed Access to Healthcare with guests. To the right, Tonia Hale leans in to answer a question.

Thoughtful conversations, like this one between Patti Smith and Victoria Hicks, took place around the room.

Jackie Maas visited several team tables at the party. Alex Green, as part of Team Access to Care, spoke with Hannah Robinson.

Guests were given the opportunity fill out surveys about their healthcare interests and concerns. Richard Martin thought about his answers before submitting them, with the added possibility of winning a a centerpiece to take home.

Tara Wright was among the newcomers learning about the work of SEARCH.

The evening's atmosphere was casual and conversational... It was a party after all! (Alex Glover and Arch Woodard)


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